Andrew Carlson has established himself as a scorer and shooter in the basketball community. He demonstrated throughout High School, to be creative and a finisher when it came to scoring. He scored over 1500 pts in his high school career and received All Conference honors. Andrew will be a freshman at University River Falls in 2021-22 season where he looks forward to helping his team be successful. His precision to skill training, his work ethic, character, and leadership has separated him from other players his age. He is a strong communicator and good teacher when it comes to training and skill execution of the shot. In doing so, he empowers others to become scorers themselves.

JUNE 14, 2021 - SEPTEMBER 3, 2021

Holidays Closed

Tuesday - Golden Valley

3 - 9 pm

Wednesday - Apple Valley

9 - 3 pm

Friday - Golden Valley

9 - 3 pm


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