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Isabella grew up in Apple Valley, MN.  In 6th grade she began to train with both Brian and Will at MSB. Isabella attended Eastview High School and played all four years. She graduated from Eastview High School in 2020, where she began to find her passion working with kids. Isabella is currently working as a Paraprofessional at Highland Elementary, as well as helping out with the SAC Program after school. She is striving to further her education to become a elementary and special education teacher. Isabella is very excited to begin working with and shaping athletes into becoming better both mentally and physically, on and off the court in basketball, throughout her time at MSB.

JUNE 10 - AUGUST 30, 2024

Holidays Closed

Monday - Apple Valley

6 - 9 pm

Wednesday - Apple Valley

6 - 9 pm


Although you are registered for a particular instructor, we cannot guarantee that 100% of the time. Often our instructors are called out for clinics, illnesses, vacations, ect. If this does happen, we will replace that instructor with another instructor.

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